What is it?

TEAMS is an experiential work environment exercise. Participants are divided into teams with assigned roles. The teams must produce a product and are provided with tools, materials, and instructions.


          Intact Teams (existing or new teams)

Leadership skills, “fit” with team
Team performance

Team and Leadership Development:
Team skills (Communication, Collaboration, Cohesion, Creativity)

Project launch:
New project for existing team
Creating a new team

Change and Merger/ Acquisition:
Blending teams
Adapting to changing situations

Board development

How long does it take?

TEAMS can be done in a brief format (3 hours) or in the full format (1 day). The brief format is more useful with “Open” Teams for candidate screening or various events. For more in-depth skill development, assessment, or change management, the full day is recommended.


          “Open" Teams (randomly assigned individuals)

Developing skills:
Team Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Cohesion, Creativity)

Platform for connecting people on a deeper level

Candidate screening tool: Leadership; team skills
Provides info about the “fit” between type of team and employee/leader
Improves candidate selection success (reducing false positives & negatives)

Conferences, Events, and Retreats:
A work related activity that is both fun and applicable to the workplace
Inspire, motivate, and focus participants on the importance of teamwork
Applicable to all work sectors where teams are used

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