Team Development

When people form a team they go through a series of spiraling developmental stages: 

Stage 0: A sense of Chaos and Uncertainty when initially being exposed to the new situation (with new people, rules, responsibilties, structure).

Stage 1: “I Can”: Mastering individual skills. In this stage people learn how to perform their job well and being basic collaboration with team members.

Stage 2: “We Can”: Mastering team skills. In this stage the team begin working toward a common goal with more advanced collaboration, communication, and an understanding of what type of effort is required to be a successful team (as opposed to simply a group of individuals).

Stage 3: “We Can Innovate”: Breaking out of the comfort zone and “risking” creativity and innovation. The team, which has been functioning at a high level and being successful doing its tasks, is now operating at a more strategic level. This transition involves being innovative and creative with the product, processes, or other elements.

Stage 0: Chaos, Uncertainty: The spiral nature of development brings the team back to the “Chaos” after the changes brought about by innovation. Once again, the team is dealing with the newness of the process and structure. But this time, they have the past experience of success to guide them through the initial stages often marked by anxiety.

How we help:

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