Information Flow and Internal Communication

Information Flow and communication patterns can be affected by the means (e.g. technology), the process (e.g. what data/information is being communicated) and by the people communicating (who is sending and who is receiving). 

Ineffective flow of information in an organization directly affects decision making  without all the information, people and organizations make avoidable mistakes, experience lack of follow up and confusion, and ultimately are not in a good position to make informed choices about both big and small issues.

Conversly, when information is flowing effectively and efficiently throughout an organization, performance can be monitored, data collected and turned into knowledge, processes improved continuously, and mistakes avoided.

How we help:

  • Analyze information flow and patterns of internal communication
  • Help devise mitigation strategies for any ineffective processes or communication blockages
  • Assist in defining the data necessary for informed decision making and performance assessment
  • Assist and coach individuals how to allow information to flow more effectively and efficiently collect relevant data.
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