We deliver high quality, engaging, and practical trainings aimed at improving the overall quality of the workforce and work environment. Many trainings 

We offer training in the following areas:

  • Organizational Culture and Change:
    • Organizational Culture and Productivity  
    • Elements of organizational culture
    • Cultural prototypes
    • Determining the “fit” between culture and mission
    • Implementing a change process
    • Dealing Effectively with Resistance to Change
  • Leadership and Team Building:
    • Developing The Leaders of Tomorrow
    • Establishing a Leadership Succession Program
    • Components of leadership: Leadership styles
    • A Match Made in Heaven (or Hell!): The Leader and their Team
    • Team Development (High Performance Teams)
    • From Chaos to Creativity: Developing High Performance Teams
    • Teams in crisis
    • Developing Personal Resilience
    • Managing Your Stress as a Leader
  • Information Flow and Communication: 
    • Information, Communication, and Continuous Improvement
      • Communication: It’s not just the words, but also the silences between them...
      • Addressing “difficult situations”, conflict, and de-escalation
      • Effective Interviewing Techniques
      • Strategic Communication Techniques: Learning Styles, Thinking Styles, and Cognitive Flexibility.
      • Assessing information flow within organizations
      • Utilizing available information: From information to knowledge
  • Crisis and Risk Mitigation and Response:
    • Focus on Growth and Development
    • Approaches to Crisis and Risk
    • Types of risk and crisis (life and safety, reputation, operation, fiscal)
    • Developing a proactive risk mitigation approach throughout an organization
    • Emergency Preparedness: More than an Evacuation Plan!
    • Table Top Crisis Simulation Exercise

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We use the following three principles for all our trainings:

  • Experiential and didactic: 
    • We use exercises that make people get out of their seats
    • We include small group discussions
    • We use visual and text based slides
  • Customization
    • We never deliver the same training twice! 
    • Each training is customized and updated based on feedback and context.
    • We recognize that your needs might be different than someone else’s.
  • Reviews
    • We like to do reviews at the end of all our trainings — that’s how we improve.
    • We typically get stellar reviews, by the way...

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