Coaching and Individual Development

Just like organizations, individuals function best when they are resilient. The basic factors with individuals are slightly different: Biology, Psychology, and Social relationships are the three pillars of resilience. Our work with individuals stresses all three and helps people find both balance and optimal functioning at work (and often at home as well).

Our work with individuals focuses on the following general areas:

  • Personal Resilience
    • Boundaries: at work, at home, protecting your team (family)
    • Managing Difficult Situations
    • Balance: work-life, competing needs
  • Skill building
    • Leadership — new leaders and experienced leaders
    • Communication and conflict resolution
    • Stress Management and self care strategies
    • Organization, planning, management skills
  • Evaluation and Feedback
    • Employee evaluation 
    • 360 degree executive evaluation and feedback
    • Employee improvement planning
  • Transitions
    • Succession planning
    • Transitioning to a new position
    • Adjusting to organizational growth
  • Crisis and Change
    • Post crisis interviews and interventions
    • Planning for changing circumstances
    • Key Employee Risk Mitigation Strategies

Please note: The cost of some of these services may be offset by Workforce Training Grants. Ask us how!

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