Ensuring the resilience of schools is a complex endeavor. School administrators and leaders face challenges related to programmatic aspects (e.g., academic performance and achievement), team related aspects (high quality teachers and staff), a “stakeholder base” (students, parents, community) with frequently conflicting priorities. To top it all, the responsibility for keeping students and staff safe at all times – both from external and internal threats (e.g. peer bullying, staff misconduct), as well as dealing with inevitable life events (accidents, serious illness, death) that affect staff, students, and their families.

Since the stakes are high (people deeply care about their children and often have strong opinions about their education) the usual organizational challenges of leadership, team building, communication, and vertical integration are amplified.

Our past engagements with schools have included the following school specific projects:

  • Organizational Vulnerability Assessment (comprehensive, or safety focused)
  • Integrating technology with organizational process
  • Organizational Preparedness and Emergency Planning
  • Table-top crisis simulation exercises
  • Post crisis event interventions with executives, staff, students, and parents.
    • Preparation for community (town-hall) meetings.
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