Our work with nonprofit organizations (Social service organizations, community centers, and advocacy) has focused on the following issues: 

  • Organizational culture and implementing process change
  • Leadership development and executive/senior team building
  • Security and Emergency planning
  • Post crisis interventions

We understand that mission driven organizations face additional challenges when attending to organizational development and change: passionate stakeholder groups, constrained budgets, and an intense focus on the mission of the organization that makes it difficult to find time to attend to operational aspects that are often seen as distractions.

Why we work well with Nonprofit Organizations:

  • We've done this before...
  • It will take us less time than it will take you.
  • You are probably busy running your organization...
  • We have a solution for every budget.
  • We are conscious of your time: we reduce your work (rather than adding to it).
  • We don't just make recommendations, we engage staff and the community to implement them.
  • We will show you how these strategies will fit in and improve your overall organizational functioning.
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