Corporate Sector

Within the corporate or business sector we have provided expertise to companies in the manufacturing sector, the bio-technology sector, entertainment industry, financial services, and insurance sectors.

While these sectors are very different from one another with respect to the content and focus of their operations, the basic structure of organizational resilience and derivative components still holds true.

Our expertise in the business sector is in the following:

  • Organizational Culture and Change management
  • Leadership and Team Development and Training
  • Executive team building
  • Workforce Crisis and Risk Mitigation:
    • Crisis event interventions with executives, staff, and other stakeholders.
    • Organizational Vulnerability Assessment, Preparedness, and Emergency Planning
    • Table-top crisis simulation exercises
  • Information Flow and Communication Processes

Please note: Workforce Training Grants (and other sources) may significantly offset the cost of some of these services. Ask us how we can help!

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