Sheila Ardery

Sheila Ardery has extensive experience in the field of subsidized housing management, including capital planning, budgeting, regulatory compliance, and program planning. Sheila was the Vice President for Operations and Administration at Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly JCHE from 2003 until 2012. During her tenure, Sheila led her management team in the formation of an emergency response plan for a 710 unit complex. Sheila was a member of the Jewish Emergency Management Systems (JEMS) steering committee and assisted in JEMS-sponsored trainings on emergency response.

 Sheila was an asset manager at the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) from 1990-2003 where she assessed the management capabilities of developments in the MHFA portfolio. During her tenure at the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) from 1984-1990, she established and led the Consortium for Health and Social Services in Elderly Housing that promoted cost effective collaboration between service organizations and the BHA to increase service provision to the elderly residents of the 33 BHA elderly developments. The Consortium sponsored new projects such as resident council formation and support and the peer alcoholism counseling program as well as provided trainings for housing managers and service providers on issues related to service needs of BHA elders.

Prior to graduating from the Urban and Environmental Program of Tufts University in 1987, Sheila was Executive Director of Hospitality House, a domestic violence shelter and hotline service in Erie, PA. Sheila served as the President of the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 1980-1982.  During her tenure as a member of the Coalition, Sheila provided consultations to groups developing shelters and hotline services. Sheila received her BS from Penn State University in Community Development.

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