About us

Resilience Consulting, LLC was founded by Guy Sapirstein to help organizations implement both strategic and practical changes that will result in their enhanced ability to anticipate, respond, and overcome complex disruptive situations.   In other words: increasing resilience.

Approaching resilience from a systemic perspective, we have sought to integrate knowledge from different disciplines.  Beginning with the field of psychology, where we integrated knowledge and experience in human behavior, stress responses, and organizational dynamics.  We then combined those models with models for organizational, community and operational resiliency.  

Our main focus is on the internal processes in organizations that lead to resilience (or vulnerability) — thriving ultimately comes down to people.  


  • Want to continue making the organization a better place to work and increase employee satisfaction!
  • Create a consistent, unified, and effective organizational culture.
  • Improve productivity, staff engagement, and morale.
  • Prepare for anticipated organizational changes (leadership transition/ growth / downsizing) – reorganization, merger/acquisition, etc.
  • Increase staff retention and reduce turnover.
  • Improve relationships between key staff.
  • Address internal tension / poor atmosphere (due to poor communication, lack of common vision, different styles) among and between leadership (board, executive); management (middle management, supervisors); and staff.
  • Risk management: Improve the organization’s ability to effectively cope with an emergency / crisis.
  • Customize training and coaching to leaders, managers and staff.
  • Improve organizational effectiveness by increasing integration across business units, and reducing “functional silos”.
  • Our clients enjoy doing business with us...
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