re·sil·ience  \ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s\

...”the ability to face internal or external crisis and not only effectively resolve it, but also learn from it, be strengthened by it and emerge transformed by it, both individually and as a group.”

“…the capacity to absorb disturbances while maintaining behavioral processes and structure… the capacity to buffer perturbations, to self-organize, and to learn and adapt…”

Resilience Consulting provides training, coaching, and expertise in resilience to people and organizations invested in development, growth, and sustainability.

Organizations are resilient when their peopleprocesses, and places (technology and infrastructure) are effective, integrated, and balanced. This balance allows each pillar (people, processes, and places)  to compensate for another when necessary. 

People are resilient when their “biology”, “psychology”, and “social connections” are efficient, fluid, and adaptive. Maintaining this adaptivity allows people to successfully cope with adverse events and situations and emerged stregthened and transformed.


Resilience Consulting, LLC is approved to offer Express Training courses through the Massachusetts Workforce Development Fund. Eligible companies can receive a grant that covers 50% of the cost of the course. <more>

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